Trading Robots

Our Trading Robots And Features
"Trading Robots is an emotions free automated system based on predefined trading strategies."

Intra-day Trader

Trading Robots use for intra-day trading.

Short Term Trader

Trading Robots for short term trading.

Long Term Trader

Trading Robots for long term trading.

Artificial Intelligence

Our trading robots area based on artificial intelligence.

Specialized Robots

We have specialized trading robots for forex, gold & crude oil.

Risk Management

Our robots are capable to manage risk and lot size itself.


Our robots perform in range bound and trending markets.

Tested 5+ years

Our Robots are tested over 5+ years for different trading pairs.


Our robots are reliable and work for every pair according to its nature.

Why Use Trading Robots?
  • It can watch the market 24/7, It is machine, it never gets tired.
  • It strictly follows the rules of the trading system it automates.
  • It perform the trading for you, you just watch it over and collect the profit.
  • It does not feel greed or fear.
  • It does not have emotions in trading decisions.
  • It can trade while you are sleeping, eating or just relaxing.
  • You can back test to see the performance of this trading system.
  • It can react much faster than you, especially during sharp market moves.
  • It can automate even very complex and intensive trading system.
  • It can be more profitable than you, because it will never miss a trading opportunity.
Which Trading Robots is best for me ?

It depends on the back test result of the trading robots performance and your trading behavior which vary from trader to trader, as some traders are aggressive by nature and some are conservative.  Some key points to notices in robot performance back test results are following

Profit Factor

If profit factor result of back test report is in the range of 1.3 to 2.0 it is profitable system.

Max Draw Down

The max draw down in performance back test result should be in between 20% to 35%.

Expected Payoff

If expected payoff more than 100 then it is considered as a profitable trading robot.