Terms Of Use

Users who download or use the FXEinstein Signals mobile application are deemed to have accepted all the terms and conditions stated in the Terms of Use.

1-) FXEinstein is a mobile app that can only be downloaded to your phone and tablet from the App Store and Google Play Store.

2-) Definitions:

2.1.Application: FXEinstein-Live Trade Signals

2.2.Member: User who has downloaded, used, or included in any of the membership options.

2.3.Membership Options: Subscription details which are declared in www.fxeinstein.com website and currently marketing in Google Play, App Store or you can reach it at FXEinstein Application.

2.4.Forex Signals: Generally, an analysis that gives you information about the market when you open up the buy or sell position.

2) FXEinstein Risk Notification: The information and contents contained in the application were created with the help of reliable sources on the same day and FXEinstein does not interest any material response. FXEinstein will not accept any liability for loss or damage as a result of reliance on the information contained in this application including data, quotes and buy/sell signals. FXEinstein application is not consulting practice.

3-)  FXEinstein Services

3.1. FXEinstein application provides and shares Forex signals.

3.2. FXEinstein application shares daily, short term and long term technical analysis and contents for FX Market.

3.3. FXEinstein application provides price information of FX Market Trade.

3.5. FXEinstein application shares the performance of the Forex Signals it provides.

3.6. FXEinstein application provides support service by email and contact form.

4-) User Obligations

4.1. A user can not copy any content in the FXEinstein Application.

4.2. A user cannot distribute the data electronically or explicitly for whatever reason. The FXEinstein application reserves the right to distribute, share and broadcast the content in all circles.

4.3. The user is considered to have accepted the accuracy of the information when registering with the FXEinstein application. The user is responsible for any legal disputes and/or notices that may arise from the information provided.

4.4. The right to membership cannot be transferred to someone else.

5-) FXEinstein Application Obligations

5.1. The FXEinstein reserves the right to make any changes to the particulars declared in the FXEinstein application or promotional advertisements.

5.2. The FXEinstein application is responsible for delivering the content or information to the mobile applications of the users.

5.3. The FXEinstein application only responsible for providing services to a user between the memberships start date and end date.

5.4. If any natural disasters have occurred, FXEinstein application would not guarantee to continue to provide services to users.

5.5. The information services or products in the FXEinstein application do not provide precise information to the user. It is not a guiding. It does not commit a material income.