Privacy Policy

We respect and care about your personal privacy. Also, we would like to share this article about the careful hiding of your personal information.

1-) We always keep your membership information on our own servers and databases. There are no third parties.

2-) As you can see below, all personal information you need to share with us for use FXEinstein.

-Email (for communication)
-Password (If you have already signed up to confirm your information)
-Phone (for confirmation)
-Country (for location)
-Address(for location)

3-) FXEinstein will never contact any system, software or company that discloses user information.

4-) We reserve the right to notify you by telephone and mail. If you do not want to be notified, you can cancel it by mail.

5-) FXEinstein includes subscriptions and in-app purchases.

6-) FXEinstein reserves the right to make changes to subscriptions, in-app purchases, application content, privacy policy, terms of use, usage of the website or communication tools.

7-) The data in the application is accessed via secure connections to you. Also, we take the data safely from you same secure connections.

8-) All instructions in Google Play and App Store are followed.

9-) FXEinstein never contains malicious content.

10-) When we update FXEinstein we will monitor the google play and app store update guidelines and ensure that the user data policy is not violated.