Managed Accounts

Financial markets change constantly, often dramatically especially currencies, commodities stocks etc. These volatile conditions required full time observation and expertise. Majority of investors lack the time and expertise to manage an investment portfolio with confidence and sustained attention. We provide personalized investment supervisory services. This includes giving you continuous investment advice or making investments at your direction and on your behalf. We understand the intricacies that are involved with achieving the investment management and financial goals of our clients. We put all our resources to work for our client when managing their trading accounts. We carefully listen to our clients, gaining a deep understanding of their investment objectives. Based on their needs, we formulate and implement a personalized investment strategy to achieve their investment goals.

Account Management Philosophy​

Our basic proposition is to deliver superior (rather than the highest) returns over time, in a consistent, risk-controlled manner. We seek to achieve this by constructing a well-defined focused portfolio in all major currencies, precious metals, energies, Indices and major crypto. Forex and commodities’ markets are highly volatile markets. We do not forecast the movement of the markets on hourly basis, instead concentrate on identifying strong short term to long-term investment moves. Therefore, will have a relatively lower level of buying and selling entries.

Customized Investment Solution​

FX Scientist is keenly focused on finding the appropriate investment solution for each individual client. We specialize in providing custom-tailored investment solutions to our clients. We first understand the requirements of the customers like their investment objectives, expected returns, duration of investment, investment size, their risk appetite, investment products etc. After understanding the requirements of each client, we offer them custom solutions which meet their investment requirements.

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Managed Accounts
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How it works ?
Step 1

The investor will open his trading account directly with any Regulated broker by his own choice.  If investor needs, we can also recommend some regulated brokers. We are working only with international regulated financial firms where client can feel maximum comfort level to invest their money because of government’s strict financial and regularity policies. Our associated firms are working under government regularity authority like as Financial Commission Association (FCA) UK, National Future Association (NFA) US and Financial Service Commission (FSC) Mauritius etc.

Step 2

On submission of the form, the investor will sign LPOA (limited power of attorney) for account management.

Step 3

After account activation, Investor will wire money directly to the broker’s client segregated account. FX-Scientist does not accept any client funds.

Step 4

After account funding account will be ready for trading and Fx scientist will start trade on client behalf according to client’s investment objective.

We do not charge any commission, consultancy or account management fee.
" We charge only performance fee. "