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  • 30+ pairs scanning
  • Intraday, Short and Long term signals
  • Straight and Grid Strategies
  • Conservative and Aggressive approach
  • More than 80% accuracy rate
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  • 15+ years' successful experience
  • Customized and flexible investment solutions
  • Open choice to select any broker
  • Handling over 160 accounts (14.5 Million $)
  • Performance fee only (No hidden charges)
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  • Artificial intelligence base auto trading robots
  • Specialized Robots for currencies, gold & crude oil
  • Risk management through trading robot
  • Perform in every type of market conditions
  • Tested over 5+ years
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About Us

At FX-Scientist, We provide investment consulting services that include Trade signals, Account management and artificial intelligence base automated trading robots. FX-Scientist was founded by the team of seasoned professionals with decades of online trading experience. We are proud and honored to have a highly intellectual and experienced team dedicated to provide complete investment solution to our client’s investment requirements.

Our services are designed to help our investors and traders to reduce time and efforts, increase profitability, grab maximum opportunities and manage risk. Our focus not only limited to provide trade signals, but also to create complete trading plan and execution assistance throughout trading.

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  • 30 + Pairs Scanning
  • 80 % Successful Signals
  • 1480 Happy Customers

We are specialized financial research provider


7 Major Pairs

21 Cross Pairs

4 Exotics Pairs


Spot Gold

Spot Silver

Crude Oil


S & P 500

Dow Jones


Crypto Currencies
Crypto Currencies




Download FX Einstein and never miss a winning trade!

FX Einstein is a mobile app by FX-Scientist which provides trade signals. FX Einstein provides trade signals for all major currencies, commodities, indices and crypto currencies. This app is a miracle for those traders who cannot follow the market continuously but because of this app they can avail all opportunities available in the market by using our buying and selling signals.

  • Daily, Short Term and Long Term trade signals.
  • Lot Size Management Calculator.
  • 10 days free trail
  • Easy to use.
  • Available for both Android and I-phone.

Signal Success Rate

Year Jan Feb March April May June July Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Net
2017 88% 100% 66% 75% 73% 84% 83% 88% 80% 70% 81% 90% 82%
2018 81% 83% 85% 81% 88% 87% 81% 79% 84% 82% 86% 92% 84%